Update Video and Stuff

I went to Zion National Park with my family this last weekend and had a blast, but it was short lived unfortunately because I had work on Tuesday.  We chilled at camp, got rained on a few times, explored the resort town on the outskirts of the park, did a little hiking.  Nothing crazy, but it was really fun and very great to see them all again.


Zion is a beautiful place and always very great to see.  It’s a very developed park much like Yosemite, and one day I’m sure the park will get just as bad as Yosemite is these days where you’re basically stuck in a line of traffic for hours just trying to get in/out.  It seems like it wasn’t too long ago that I was going to Zion on my first backpacking trip as a kid and seeing maybe a handful of people.  Times change.

Anyways, video time.


I’m packing all my stuff up right now, I’ll be out of Utah next week, and I’ll be starting my next hike relatively soon here.  I’m really excited, and a little nervous because money is gonna be tight on this one.  Especially because I just blew $300 visiting a doctor which basically amounted to me being advised to take an aspirin (No one’s fault, the doctor was helpful, it just sucks ass.  I thought I was having kidney problems.  Spoiler alert: I wasn’t.  Also health care as it is now is the worst and this is why I never go see doctors, same shit happened to me on the PCT last year when I sought help for my knee problems.  Difference is this time the doctor actually did things to narrow down the problem instead of just touching a patch of skin and saying “I dunno”.)  But it’ll work out in the end in some way, mostly by me not taking in-town zeros and not gorging on town food.. RIP those things.  It’ll be interesting to see how that’ll play out I suppose.

So yeah, holy shit it’s almost time.



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