Video Preview

Since I’m back with all this footage on my hands I decided to throw a little preview together of what’s to come.  I wish I could start editing in full right now but my laptop can’t do all the things I need it to.  It’s like 10 years old, the screen is in a constant … More Video Preview

Oh, Hi

When hiking season comes around I neglect this page more than a *insert brilliant analogy here*.  The fact is I hate spending time typing on my tiny little phone keyboard, sitting up awkwardly in my tent with cold hands.  It’s just annoying.  I’m not gonna pretend that I’m gonna keep this page updated on my … More Oh, Hi

Oh Boy

Small update and stuff. My apartment is pretty much all packed away.  There’s a bunch of small things here and there that I kinda just stare at wondering what to do with and my gear is kind of all over the place, but it’s pretty much done. I’m laying on the floor right now staring … More Oh Boy